Fred Meyer 101

My family and I shop at Freddie’s a lot! Our Fred Meyer is only a couple of blocks from our house, so we usually make a few trips a week. I love shopping with coupons at Fred Meyer, and have stocked up on some great items, both grocery and non grocery items, many times!

Make sure to read and print Fred Meyer’s Official Coupon Policy.

Ways to Save at Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer Rewards Card- You can get your free Fred Meyer Rewards Card by signing up at your local Fred Meyer. The Fred Meyer Rewards card works differently than others store’s saving card. When you scan your Rewards Card at checkout, you don’t get additional savings (unless you have eCoupons loaded on your card), or special sale prices, like Safeway of Albertsons. Instead, for every dollar you spend at Fred Meyer, you earn one point (occasionally, Fred Meyer will email out Rewards card holder coupons, that, when scanned at checkout, will give you double points for a week!). When you reach a minimum of 500 points per rewards cycle (a rewards cycle is quarterly), you will get a rebate according to how many points you have earned. Each point equals one penny on your rebate. So, it would appear that you would have to spend $500 at Fred Meyer every reward cycle to get a measly $5 rebate, right? Nope! You earn points from your manufacturer’s coupons (but sadly, not store coupons) as well! Here is an example: Say my pre manufacturer’s coupon total at Fred Meyers for one shopping trip is $114, but after all of my manufacturer’s paper and eCoupons, my total is $54. I will still earn 114 points, or $1.14 towards my rebate! The points really add up fast when using coupons at Fred Meyer! And, when you get your rebate in the mail, they usually send some great, high value store coupons along with it! I definitely recommend getting a Fred Meyer Rewards card!

Manufacturer’s Coupons- Coupons released by manufacturers found in coupon inserts or online, can be used at any store that accepts coupons.

In Ad Coupons- Fred Meyer’s sale cycle runs from Sunday through Saturday. In their weekly ad, there are usually many great store coupons included in the weekly ad. These can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon for even greater savings! You do not need to cut these coupons out of the ad, you can bring the whole ad to the cashier and have them scan the coupons you want to use, and keep the ad, and store coupons, in case you want to use them again that week.

Gold hang tag coupons- I am sure you have seen these golden yellow coupons hanging from the shelves in Freddie’s. Some of these coupons are manufacturer’s coupons, some are store coupons. They say right on them which of the two they are. If it is a store coupon, you can stack these with a manufacturer’s coupon, if they are manufacturer’s coupons, they cannot be stacked with another manufacturer’s coupon. Some gold hang tag manufacturer’s coupons are of much higher value then the manufacturer’s coupons found in newspaper inserts.

This is a Gold Fred Meyer hang tag Manufacturer’s coupon:

Fred Meyer gold hang tag manufacturer coupon

This is a Fred Meyer gold hang tag store coupon:

Fred Meyer gold hang tag store coupon

Extra Savings Book- Fred Meyer puts out a new booklet of different coupons each month. These booklets can be found near customer service, where they keep the weekly ads. These coupon books contain both store and manufacturer’s coupons. The same rules as the gold hang tag coupons apply, if it is a store coupon, it can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon. If the coupon in the book is a manufacturer’s coupon, it cannot be stacked with another manufacturer’s coupon.

eCoupons- Fred Meyer releases some really great, high value eCoupons, to load to your Rewards Card right on! You can also add eCoupons to your Fred Meyer rewards card from, and ( eCoupons work differently than regular coupons, they do not come off your bill at checkout. Instead, they act as a rebate. Read more about eCoupons on our Where to Get Coupons page.) You can load these coupons directly to your Fred Meyer Rewards card and when you checkout, the coupon for the product will automatically come off your bill!

Most eCoupons are manufacturer’s coupons and cannot be combined with a paper manufacturer’s coupon. If you loaded an eCoupon for a certain item, and went to the store to purchase the item, and had a paper manufacturer’s coupon as well, the paper coupon would most likely beep and you would not be able to use it, even if you would have rather used your paper manufacturer’s coupon. The staff at the store usually can’t do anything about eCoupons that come off your bill. Check the eCoupons loaded to your card on a regular basis because you don’t want get to the store to purchase an item with a great, high value paper manufacturer’s coupon and then not be able to use it because you had a lower value eCoupon loaded on your card!

There is glitch in the Fred Meyer eCoupon system if you are combining a manufacturer’s eCoupon with a store coupon. For some reason, if you scan your card first, you have an eCoupon for an item, and are using a store coupon on the same item, the store coupon gets adjusted down. I don’t know why this happens, so, when you are planning on combining a Fred Meyer store coupon with an eCoupon, have the cashier scan your store coupons BEFORE your Fred Meyer Rewards card.