Safeway 101

Before my couponing days, I almost never shopped at Safeway. Their everyday prices are a little high for my taste, but, with coupons, I have scored some awesome deals! Depending on the sales, I usually make one trip a week to Safeway, to stock up on the weekly deals. Safeway’s sales ad runs Wednesday through Tuesday. Safeway usually puts out an additional, smaller sales ad in the Sunday paper. These deals are usually valid through the following Tuesday.

Make sure to read and print Safeway’s Official Coupon Policy.

Ways to Save at Safeway

Safeway Club Card- To save money at Safeway, having a Safeway Club Card is a must. It is free to get one, just sign up at your local Safeway. To receive Safeway’s advertised sale prices, you have to have a Club card. Your cashier will scan it at checkout and you will then automatically receive the advertised price.

Manufacturer’s Coupons- Coupons released by manufacturers found in coupon inserts or online, can be used at any store that accepts coupons.

Store Coupons- Safeway store coupons are usually found in the weekly sales ads, including the ad found in Sunday papers. Safeway coupons can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon for greater savings!

$10 off $50 purchase coupon- Occasionally, Safeway puts out a $10 off $50 purchase coupon. It usually comes in the Tuesday paper. This is a store coupon and can be combined with other store coupons, manufacturer’s paper coupons, eCoupons and the Safeway Doubl’r. To use this coupon, you total needs to be $50 or above after all Safeway coupons have been deducted, but your total can be less than $50 after manufacturer’s coupons. Let’s say I went shopping at Safeway, and my total before any coupons have been used, is $94. I give the cashier my Safeway store coupons, not including the $10 off $50 purchase coupon, and these bring my total to $53. I then give the cashier my manufacturer’s coupons, and they bring my total to $36. I can still use my $10 off $50 purchase coupon because my total was $53 before any manufacturer’s coupons. My final total would be $26 after the $10 off $50 coupon! Some cashiers don’t know this policy, and believe that in order for this coupon to be used, your total after all coupons needs to be above $50. This is not correct. Print a copy of the Safeway coupon policy and bring it with you, in case a cashier is not aware of this policy.

Safeway Doubl’r- In the weekly Safeway ad, you will almost always find a Safeway Doubl’r. It is a small, rectangular coupon usually on the last interior page of the ad, in the lower right corner. Clipping this coupon will allow you to double up to four manufacturer’s coupons, up to .50 cents each. What this means, is that, if you have a manufacturer’s coupon for .50 cents or less, Safeway will double that coupon at face value. If you have a manufacturer’s coupon for .51 cents of more, Safeway will only give an additional .50 cents off for that coupon. Safeway only allows one Doubl’r , used in one transaction, per household per week.
The Safeway Doubl’r will not double internet printable coupons (not sure why?) or eCoupons, only paper manufacturer coupons from other sources, usually the coupon inserts or coupons received in the mail from manufacturers.

eCoupons- You can load great eCoupons to your Safeway Club Card directly from the Just For U coupon center on Another site to add eCoupons to your Safeway Club card is at

Most eCoupons are manufacturer’s coupons and cannot be combined with a paper manufacturer’s coupon. If you loaded an eCoupon for a certain item, and went to the store to purchase the item, and had a paper manufacturer’s coupon as well, the paper coupon would most likely beep and you would not be able to use it, even if you would have rather used your paper manufacturer’s coupon. The staff at the store usually can’t do anything about eCoupons that come off your bill. Check the eCoupons loaded to your card on a regular basis because you don’t want get to the store to purchase an item with a great, high value paper manufacturer’s coupon and then not be able to use it because you had a lower value eCoupon loaded on your card!